Design your ideal home

Transforming a flat into your ideal living space need not be complicated or time-consuming. With Northwest Interior Design, even your most ambitious design ideas can be realised with both preci- sion and ease.

When civil servant Muhammad Barakaphtullah, 26, and his wife Ms Shayidah, 24, a nurse, bought their five-room resale flat, they had big plans for turning the apartment into a space that would be uniquely theirs.


Costing approximately $54,000, the couple’s large-scale renova- tion spanned March to May. Design manager Mr David Gan oversaw the transformation of the empty flat into a modern contemporary and Scandinavian-themed home.

“What I was most impressed with was that when we gave Mr Gan our ideas, the design he came up with was exactly what we wanted,” said Mr Barakaphtullah. “We are very happy with how unique it is.”

Indeed, the five-room flat along Yung Sheng Road is one of a kind. In line with the couple’s vision, a relaxation corner was created in the living room by elevating the section of the room where the sofa, coffee table and TV sit. The base of the elevated section is lined with LED lights, which, when turned on at night, creates a cosy feeling that Mr Barakaphtullah likes. The flat’s bomb shelter was also tastefully covered up with a tic-tac door that doubles up as a display shelf.


The couple was also impressed by Northwest’s service. “Mr Gan checked on renovations every week, and if anything was not in line with my requests, he would have it completely redone without complaint,” said Mr Barakaphtullah. “Northwest’s service exceeded my expecta- tions — workmanship was not compromised at any stage and the end product was very much to our liking, with no post-renovation issues.”

By Lydia Shu, SPH Content Lab

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 18.26.23

Source: ST Classified Home Improvement 260817 Northwest 27×4


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