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How To Be A Human Being – Glass Animals

We first met Glass Animals in 2014 with the release of their debut album ‘Zaba’, a heady mish-mash of bongos, synth-strings and slinky narcoticised eroticism that took its listeners on a bliss-filled voyage through the Amazon basin. On ‘How To Be A Human Being’ however, the four Oxford chaps have taken a different direction – […]

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FT book review: The Good Son by You-jeong Jeong

Published in the Financial Times, July 20, 2018. More a ‘why-dunnit’ than a whodunnit, the novel is dark, harrowing, horribly claustrophobic, but hard to put down Set in 2016 South Korea, The Good Son revolves around Yu-jin, a 26-year-old former swimmer with a 9pm curfew. Epileptic but often skipping his meds, Yu-jin suffers frequent seizures […]

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Five reasons to live in Osaka, Japan

Published in the Financial Times. This bustling business hub also has a slower side with historic temples and hearty food Historically the primary seaport and mercantile capital of Japan, Osaka stagnated during the Meiji Restoration, which heralded the meteoric rise of Tokyo and the return of imperial rule. Osaka has been through a resurgence, however, […]

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